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Youth Development

Youth Development

Helping school-aged
children Stay on track 

Studies show that when students go to school every day, on time, they are more likely to succeed. Early intervention for youth showing patterns that often lead to truancy can help them improve their school attendance. The [email protected] Program uses adult mentors for children, goal setting for success, fun incentives for reaching monthly goals, and referrals for families needing assistance.

Our program serves children who attend Minneapolis public schools and surrounding charter schools.

hope for youth

Our one-of-a-kind diversion program teaches kids how to improve their decision making, build confidence, and form and maintain healthy relationships. Through training and education, group work, and mentorship, youth:

  • Explore how trauma and racism affect their lives 
  • Learn about healthy relationships through strong leader and mentor support 
  • Build better decision-making and conflict resolution skills

This program is for African American males ages 12 to 17 years old. Youth are referred to this program after their first contact with law enforcement.

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We exist in part because of the generous donations of people who believe in the power of empowerment.


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