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Adult empowerment

Adult empowerment

Helping adults improve
their lives and families

Hope for Adults

Our focus is to provide trauma, anger management, and domestic violence training and support groups for men and women in our community. We use asset-based teaching and learning techniques that allow for participants to build on their strengths.

Anger Management (men and women)

Through group training and open forum discussion, participants learn, build, and receive support to improve their lives. This 12-week class focuses on conflict and stress management, communication, and behavior modification. 

Session content is catered to meet the unique needs and interests of each group. 

Men Only

Teaches how historical trauma, misogamy, and
patriarchy affect their life.

Women Only

Focuses on issues of aggression, rage,
and self-sabotage.

Domestic Abuse (women only)

Women in this program rebuild their foundation and heal from domestic abuse. Group sessions focus on empowering women to develop and maintain healthy relationships. Women are taught self-reliance and confidence-building skills and techniques. Every participant creates a safety plan to have the tools and resources to be safe in their relationships.

90% of male participants and 

85% of female participants experienced improvement through the program.

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We exist in part because of the generous donations of people who believe in the power of empowerment.


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