Stronger Together Empowerment Program Women is an educational group that brings women together who have experienced abuse or violence in a supportive, safe, and highly confidential setting. Our Women's Empowerment programs are designed to help participants explore the nature of domestic violence, boundaries and relationships, and effective communication while healing from abusive relationships and becoming self-validating.

Stress management techniques and practical tools for managing conflict in relationships and families are taught. The curriculum draws upon a wide range of therapeutic, cultural, and spiritual sources with an emphasis on respecting our different belief systems. A special section for domestic abuse victims is offered at Northpoint Health and Wellness Behavioral Health Clinic and includes a psychological assessment and ongoing group therapy.

The Coordinator for the Stronger Together Women's Empowerment Program is Debra Bushrod. 

Evaluation methods for the Stronger Together Men's Program and the Stronger Together Women's Programs include: 

Client-generated resource notebooks

  • Attendance records
  • Safety Plan
  • Personal/family Action Plan
  • Analysis of pre- and post-test on self-esteem
  • Analysis of pre-and post-test on knowledge of domestic abuse

Evaluation methods

  • Signed agreements 
  • Participation records 
  • Pre/post domestic violence assessment 
  • Developmental Assets Inventory 
  • Self-reports 
  • Emotional Responsibility Plan review 
  • Parole Officer feedback 
  • BCA database review 

The Phyllis Wheatley Center is committed to providing a supportive environment that is inclusive and affirming of all individuals regardless of their background, culture, age, religion, or sexual preference.

Our domestic violence programs are funded by Hennepin County, and MN Department of Public Safety Office of Justice Program Crime Victim Service

For more information please contact: 
Debra Bushrod, Victim Services Advocate |, 612-977-3254


Community Condition / Needs & Strengths

The Need: The 55411 zip code has 7 times greater incidence of domestic violence than other areas of the Twin Cities, as measured by the number of emergency room visits resulting from abuse. 

What We’re Doing: Phyllis Wheatley’s Women’s Empowerment Program works in collaboration with other agencies to support, educate, and empower victims of domestic violence with information and legal advocacy as they strive to live a violence-free life.  

Our Goal Is: To meet the individual needs of victims through ongoing support and legal advocacy related to domestic violence intervention and prevention. Additionally, long-range safety and security will be restored by establishing strong, effective partnerships and by building the capacity for the community to respond in a coordinated manner to the problem of domestic violence.