The Wayne Hunter Stronger Together Men’s Program

The men's program is among the most effective in the seven-county metro area at reducing repeat offenses for domestic violence and other form of violence.

Under the leadership of Wayne Hunter, for fifteen years, with documentation from databases identifies that in the past six years participants 93% of participants who completed the 20 week program and eighteen months following the program have not reoffended. 

In 2014 Wayne Hunter received a written commendation from Governor Dayton in recognition of the successful men's program. Through the generosity of volunteer professionals in the field of mental, chemical and sexual health, employment, financial literacy the Men's program provides clients with experts at partner agencies whom the can connect with and receive more in-depth assistance to improve their lives. 

Evaluation methods for the Stronger Together Men's Program and the Stronger Together Women's Programs include: 

Client-generated resource notebooks

  • Attendance records
  • Safety Plan
  • Personal/family Action Plan
  • Analysis of pre- and post-test on self-esteem
  • Analysis of pre-and post-test on knowledge of domestic abuse

Evaluation methods

  • Signed agreements 
  • Participation records 
  • Pre/post domestic violence assessment 
  • Developmental Assets Inventory 
  • Self-reports 
  • Emotional Responsibility Plan review 
  • Parole Officer feedback 
  • BCA database review