Brianna Miller, Executive Director

Brianna Miller joined Phyllis Wheatley Community Center as the Executive Director effective July 1, 2017. She held the Interim Executive Director role from January 2017 to June 2017, and worked as a consultant from April 2015 to January 2017.  

“Phyllis Wheatley was originally established in 1924 as a settlement home and it was the center of the North Minneapolis African American community for many years.  I named 2017 “Year of the Sankofa” because different outcomes require different actions, and we get to look back to where we were to know where we are going. 

I am extremely grateful to the Board of Directors in naming me as Executive Director.  My vision is to bring the community back to Phyllis Wheatley, establishing our community center as a historical organization with a new vision.”

Prior to Phyllis Wheatley, Brianna worked at 180 Degrees, Inc. as Director of Outcomes, Policy and Communications.  She was instrumental in the opening of Brittany’s Place – the first shelter opened in MN behind the Safe Harbor Law in August 2014. She also worked at African American Family Service as Director of Advancement.  Her early career began in direct service and program development and grew to  include fundraising, compliance and evaluation.

Brianna has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Ontological Development & Advancement with a minor in Industrial & Organizational Psychology.


Lutunji Abram, MA Administration Director

Jasmine Boudah, M.Ed.,  Parent Resource Teacher

Makeeva Brown, Starfish Preschool Room, 612-374-4342

Chantele Burgess, Victim Services Advocate, 612-374-4342

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Jenna Dey, Dolphin Preschool Room, 612-374-4342

Willie Johnson, Angelfish Toddler Room, 612-977-3244

Lucius Luther, The Wayne Hunter Stronger Together Men's Program Coordinator

Brianna Miller, Executive Director

 Dr. Verna Monson, Stronger Together Women's Program Coordinator & Domestic Abuse Counselor, 612-977-3250

Pam Moore, Early Childhood Services Director, 612-977-3259

Marcia Pelham, Community Customer Care Specialist, 612-374-4342

Valerie Stevenson, Youth Services Director, 612-977-3253

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Jayme Williams, Angelfish Toddler Room, 612-977-3244



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